Paper sleeve

Paper sleeve Paper sleeve

Your Natural Orchid comes with a paper sleeve for an even more natural look!

If an orchid is grown naturally, then shouldn’t the packaging be natural as well? This is why Stolk Flora delivers Your Natural Orchid in a paper sleeve. A sleeve that not only protects the product, but also draws extra attention to it in the shop.

This ‘natural’ sleeve is made from 100% paper. The paper is FSC certified, which means it carries the quality mark for responsible forestry practices. As a result, the packaging for Your Natural Orchid is completely free of plastic, a detail that critical consumers are paying greater attention to nowadays.

Attractive presentation

The paper sleeve has a very high presentation value, with the opening in the sleeve showing off the orchid perfectly. The outside of the sleeve has the recognizable Your Natural Orchid look, and the brown lining on the inside adds to the sustainable appearance. Once encased in the sleeve, the orchids can be transported and presented safely. And if you also opt for the EcoExpert tray made from paper pulp, the product really does reflect a sustainable future!