Innovation is our DNA

Innovation might just be the word that sets Stolk Flora apart in the market. We don’t only focus on innovation in cultivation technology, in sustainability, in our range of products, or in customer relations, but in every conceivable area that could benefit from innovation. But we do this according to one clear prerequisite: an innovation must really make the world a better place.


Innovation is everywhere in our company. But without a doubt, the most visible part of our innovation is our approach to making orchid cultivation more sustainable. Stolk Flora’s top priority is to grow as organically as possible. For example, we use organic and bee-friendly nutrients and other products of natural origin to keep our plants strong.

This creates stronger foundations that benefit the environment. Cultivating according to organic standards also means that an orchid develops as it would in its natural habitat: more beautiful, more robust, more authentic. Its own label underlines this: Your Natural Orchid.

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Product range

To keep orchids top of mind with consumers, we’re constantly innovating our range and always looking for varieties that add a certain something. Colour, flower shape, appearance, shelf life: every aspect that’s good can always be improved. As a partner for breeders, we’ll be introducing many new and fantastic products over the coming years.

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We’re also keen to push the boundaries in terms of technical developments. The way we installed a heat pump at our company in Bergschenhoek is a good example of this. This technology puts less strain on the environment: a Stolk Flora orchid can manage on 18% less energy than another grower’s orchid.

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Social policy

We’re also eager to embrace innovations in our social policy. We do this by giving people the chance to reach their full potential and encouraging them to discover their own talents. This also applies to people who could benefit from support on the job market, such as people with a learning disability. The high standards we set for all our employees cannot exist without equal pay.


Packaging has functional properties: protection, shelf life, and a means of communication. But it can do all this without the need for plastic. All the more so because paper innovations are creating products that have at least the same functionality – but with a much smaller carbon footprint. For example, Stolk Flora is the first to use a tray wrapper and a cover made of paper. And the environmental benefit is clear: a huge 12,000-kilo reduction in plastic use per year!

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