Growers who take sustainability seriously

At Stolk Flora, we see sustainability as much more than just another buzzword. We try to cultivate our products as sustainably as possible; for people, for the environment, and for society.


Our employees are the real capital of our company, which is why we do everything we can to make their work pleasant and treat them with the respect they deserve. We have created an informal working environment where employees can quickly gain responsibilities and independence. If an employee has particular qualities or ambitions then there are opportunities to follow training and move up the career ladder.
Of course we also ensure a safe and healthy working environment at both our production facilities. Although we have grown considerably over the past century, Stolk Flora still feels like a real family business, with a culture of working together.


Cultivators are inherently close to nature, and none are more so than Stolk Flora. We understand full well the impact that our business has on the environment. It is our constant goal to reduce this impact, and we are achieving this in numerous ways. For example, we use organic fertilizers and other products wherever we can, and avoid all products that are harmful to bees. We generate our own electricity and redistribute what we don’t need to the grid (providing power to 3000 households a year!). We give our plants pure rainwater, which we recycle after use. And we separate as much of our waste as possible so that it can be reused.


Stolk Flora is a company with its roots firmly planted in society. One way we serve this society is by supporting organizations, foundations, and associations – mostly in our local area – that we think can use a little support.